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Starting to get a handle on it...

It took me awhile, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of this again.  This is my second attempt at having a livejournal, so we'll see if I can keep up with it again.  I have returned based on a great little fanfic that I started to read based on one of my fave shows - Spooks (or, as its called here in the states, MI-5).  A fan from episode one, I am completely addicted!  I went through them all - Tom, Zoe, Danny, Fiona, Adam, Collin...and now we have Lucas.  Yes, Lucas.  The ever gorgeous Richard Armitage.  Problem is, we dont get this show here! So I have to watch on Youtube (at least until the remove the episodes) and wait for the dvd's to come out. I'm telling you, I hope they release the dvd's here soon! What ARE they waiting for?  In the meantime, I can wait to catch the final season of Robin Hood when BBCAmerica finally adds it to the schedule.  Yes,I have watched it, but there is an infinite difference between a four by four shot on a computer screen, while at work, and listening on one head phone.  Talk about a challenge!  Then having to pause when a call comes in...no, not fun at all and I get so easily distracted!!  But I have learned patience...I can wait...  PS: I know its not a great season, but I truly love a lot of the things they did with Sir Guy, especially the change in his relationship with Robin.  Personally, and I think I am not alone in this, I think that the writers didn't do the show justice with the ending.  They completely screwed the pooch. What WERE they thinking?  Geez!
Then, of course, moving on from Richard, ever so reluctantly, at least I will get to see John Barrowman in a couple weeks when they show Torchwood: Children of Earth here.   I find it quite interesting how we get to see this just a couple weeks after it airs in its home country, and have to wait months to a year for other shows... *rolls eyes*.  Anyway, I cant wait to see the Torchwood episodes.  Of course, I'm still at a loss for the deaths of Tosh and Owen...so sad...
Oh yes, and then there is Doctor Who!  Being very new to the world of DW, I am completely entranced by David Tennant portraying the 10th Doctor.  I have seen others...I seem to recall catching a bit here and there back in the 80's, but I sure couldn't tell you which Doctor it was.  I just remember it being a bit...ok, now dont hate me, but...the best word that comes to mind is...cheesy.  Sorry.  Thats how I felt.  Between that and Blakes 7 (which I actually watched more regulary) I wondered about the future of sci fi. lol  But I have not been in the least disappointed in Doctor Who as it runs now.  (ok, thats not entirely true. It took me all of 5 minutes to get over the loss of Christopher Eccleston... lol) David is BRILLIANT!  I'm so very glad that we've been able to get the specials for 'season5'.  Well, two, so far. 
What else...? I dunno.  I'm hopelessly addicted to BBC and just wish we had more programs to watch here. But, for now I think thats enough of my rambling.  I must locate that story and read a bit more whilst I wait for the phones to start ringing.
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!



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