July 16th, 2010

Doctor Who Nerd

So, I was reading something earlier about a newbie to livejournal that called themselves a nerd.  Yes, I am right there with you! I have had this thing for ages that if I really enjoy a tv program or a movie, I become a collector of stuff from it.  I dont need tons of stuff, just one thing to go with it - if I can afford it!! Of course in some cases like Superman and Pirates of the Caribbean, I've gone a little overboard but thats mostly because the merchandise is so easy to get!!  Now I'm all about the BBCAmerica shows.  I'm completely addicted to Robin Hood, Being Human, Primeval and especially Doctor Who!! No offense to Matt Smith or the other Doctors, but David Tennant will always be my fave.  About a year and a half ago I came across a Tardis computer hub station. Omg, I HAD to have this! lol Its fabulous! Not only is it functional, allowing me to plug in my printer and music pod, but I can press a button and I can hear the Tardis landing. lol I love it!! It even has a little blue light that flashes on top of it.  Its awesome! Brilliant!!
You'd think this was enough, but no, it wasn't.  Lately I've had to curb my expenses due to insecurity issues with my job.  (Too many lay offs and new hires, no one knows who is safe.) Anyway, in anticipation of a potential job loss, I've been saving and not spending. Oi that is hard!! I've been wanting to purchase the DW dvd's for some time now, but its not going to happen.  Well, during a brief moment of boredom a couple weeks ago I thought I'd peruse ebay to see what people had to offer. Omg, the stuff is great! I really wish I were into all of the Doctors as there is so much to get! Then again, maybe its best that I'm not! I'm actually hoping that prices for some things will go down now that David is no longer in the role (*sigh*) Ok, I digress.  I went to ebay and came across some 10th Doctor action figures. These things are great. I always amazes me at how much they actually look like the actors in some cases!! Its amazing.  I was particularly interested in a figure of the 10th Doctor from the last episode of season two with him wearing the 3D glasses.  I had no expectation of winning, and didn't even check my status until the day after the auction ended.  Lo and behold there was an email saying I had won! lol  It finally came in the mail on Tuesday and its just great. I love it! He's sitting up on my shelf, along with his sonic screw driver.  Probably the best $13 I've spent in months!!

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