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Russell T Davies

Ok, I finally found a write I dislike as much as Joss Whedon!! Omg, after last nights Torchwood COE Day four I was near tears!! And there is still ONE MORE NIGHT!  We've lost three main characters!!  Its so wrong and is so frustrating!!
On top of that, I think I'm beyond frustrated with BBC programming. ALL of my favorite shows have had major cast changes or endings.  Here is my list of loss:

Torchwood Season Two - Lost Tosh and Owen
Torchwood Season 3 (rather mini series) - Ianto
Spooks/MI5 - Adam Carter (although the addition of Lucas North makes up for that)
Robin Hood Season 3 - Guy of Gisborne (whine), Robin Hood & The Sheriff (ok, so this is actually the end of the series, but it doesn't make me any happier.  They COULD have gone out on a happier note!)
Primeval Season 2 - Steven Hart
Primeval Season 3 - Nick Cutter and Jennie Lewis (Claudia Brown)
Doctor Who - As of the end of this years mini series the beloved David Tennant is stepping down.  This is a great cause of sadness for me and I just dont know how I will manage!

Now, whereas I seriously understand that in about half of the cases, it was the actors choice to leave.  But still!  Whatever will I be able to watch next year?  The only one I have will be SPooks (and based on something I read from Richard Armitage at least HE does't die in the next season!) If they do another season of Torchwood, I just dont know if I can watch it any further...

Well, I guess I shall give Being Human a chance. But I just dont know...
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