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Doctor Who Nerd

So, I was reading something earlier about a newbie to livejournal that called themselves a nerd.  Yes, I am right there with you! I have had this thing for ages that if I really enjoy a tv program or a movie, I become a collector of stuff from it.  I dont need tons of stuff, just one thing to go with it - if I can afford it!! Of course in some cases like Superman and Pirates of the Caribbean, I've gone a little overboard but thats mostly because the merchandise is so easy to get!!  Now I'm all about the BBCAmerica shows.  I'm completely addicted to Robin Hood, Being Human, Primeval and especially Doctor Who!! No offense to Matt Smith or the other Doctors, but David Tennant will always be my fave.  About a year and a half ago I came across a Tardis computer hub station. Omg, I HAD to have this! lol Its fabulous! Not only is it functional, allowing me to plug in my printer and music pod, but I can press a button and I can hear the Tardis landing. lol I love it!! It even has a little blue light that flashes on top of it.  Its awesome! Brilliant!!
You'd think this was enough, but no, it wasn't.  Lately I've had to curb my expenses due to insecurity issues with my job.  (Too many lay offs and new hires, no one knows who is safe.) Anyway, in anticipation of a potential job loss, I've been saving and not spending. Oi that is hard!! I've been wanting to purchase the DW dvd's for some time now, but its not going to happen.  Well, during a brief moment of boredom a couple weeks ago I thought I'd peruse ebay to see what people had to offer. Omg, the stuff is great! I really wish I were into all of the Doctors as there is so much to get! Then again, maybe its best that I'm not! I'm actually hoping that prices for some things will go down now that David is no longer in the role (*sigh*) Ok, I digress.  I went to ebay and came across some 10th Doctor action figures. These things are great. I always amazes me at how much they actually look like the actors in some cases!! Its amazing.  I was particularly interested in a figure of the 10th Doctor from the last episode of season two with him wearing the 3D glasses.  I had no expectation of winning, and didn't even check my status until the day after the auction ended.  Lo and behold there was an email saying I had won! lol  It finally came in the mail on Tuesday and its just great. I love it! He's sitting up on my shelf, along with his sonic screw driver.  Probably the best $13 I've spent in months!!

I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Doctor Who Season 1 on On Demand

I lost all hope of doing anything that I needed to do on Sunday when I realized that season one was showing on BBC America's On Demand!!  Its the only season I don't have on tape (yes, I do still own a vcr!).  It was so great to see number 9's Christopher Eccleston and I saw a lot of number 10 in there. I love that David Tennant made the character his own, but still had a bit of number 9's qualities and characteristics.  Like that random smile in the middle of danger. lol  I made it through the first three eps, including "The Unquiet Dead".  Loved seeing Eve Myles and recalling that in the future they will bring about the connection with Gwyneth/Gwen.  I suddenly miss David Tennant all over again and knowing that there are but a few eps left with him, leaves me extremely sad!!
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Armitage Ave...

Lol, having grown up in the Chicago area, I have passed this sign many times.  Funny how it suddenly causes giggles to erupt now...
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Russell T Davies

Ok, I finally found a write I dislike as much as Joss Whedon!! Omg, after last nights Torchwood COE Day four I was near tears!! And there is still ONE MORE NIGHT!  We've lost three main characters!!  Its so wrong and is so frustrating!!
On top of that, I think I'm beyond frustrated with BBC programming. ALL of my favorite shows have had major cast changes or endings.  Here is my list of loss:

Torchwood Season Two - Lost Tosh and Owen
Torchwood Season 3 (rather mini series) - Ianto
Spooks/MI5 - Adam Carter (although the addition of Lucas North makes up for that)
Robin Hood Season 3 - Guy of Gisborne (whine), Robin Hood & The Sheriff (ok, so this is actually the end of the series, but it doesn't make me any happier.  They COULD have gone out on a happier note!)
Primeval Season 2 - Steven Hart
Primeval Season 3 - Nick Cutter and Jennie Lewis (Claudia Brown)
Doctor Who - As of the end of this years mini series the beloved David Tennant is stepping down.  This is a great cause of sadness for me and I just dont know how I will manage!

Now, whereas I seriously understand that in about half of the cases, it was the actors choice to leave.  But still!  Whatever will I be able to watch next year?  The only one I have will be SPooks (and based on something I read from Richard Armitage at least HE does't die in the next season!) If they do another season of Torchwood, I just dont know if I can watch it any further...

Well, I guess I shall give Being Human a chance. But I just dont know...
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Torchwood and Thames House

I had a laugh last night (clearly, I am easily amused) but while watching Day Two of Children of Earth, they mention Thames House and something being built inside it.  I thought, well, Lucas North CERTAINLY would not be involved, however, Ros might.  I think she is clearly an alien...
Ok, I'm done.  I'm sure I'm the only one that thought of something THAT stupid!
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Torchwood: COE

Ok, well, I finished watching episode two...holy cow! I was on the edge of my seat through the entire last twenty minutes! Poor JACK!!  I couldn't believe it when she poured on the cement.  Unbelievable! But go Ianto! Saving the day! And speaking of Ianto...read ahead on something regarding him and...I'm not very happy!  Argh.  What is it with shows? As if losing David Tennant as the Doctor wasn't bad enough...they kill off Owen and Tosh and now...so unfair.  I do like Lois Habiba. I think she would make a great addition to the team.  And thank heavens for her assistance!
SO needless to say, I'm utterly exhausted today.  And just feeling completely down in the dumps. No, not because of Torchwood...ha ha. (or DT).  Just...I dunno. Down.  Probably just the lack of sleep and the odd nightmare that I was back home in Chicago and got a flat tire.  My ex bf was there and he proceeded to remove the bad tire but leave without replacing it with the new one!  So then I have to contact AAA and cant quite give them my location.  And of course it takes hours and they dont show up.  Ugh.  I need sleep. I think this means that I will have to skip watching Torchwood tonight. It wont be easy though...But I just need to get to sleep early tonight.  WIth my trip back home to Chicago this weekend (hmm...interesting relation to the dream...) I need to get my rest now. I will be on the go all next week and I'm even more tired just thinking about it! But at least I'll be off having a good time. :)  Catching up with old friends, hanging at the Art Institute, walking around the Renaissance faire...yup, what could be better?
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Having a laugh!

Ok, its probably so wrong of me to say that it amused me.  Here he is, being all professional, reading this novel and I just want to giggle!  Maybe its just that sexy voice changing with each character he reads...or maybe its just the sexy voice!  Oh, in case you're curious as to what I am babbling about, its a new audio book that Richard Armitage has done called Sylvester. I found the link at richardarmitageonline.com.  Those folks are fanastic over there!! 

I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!

Starting to get a handle on it...

It took me awhile, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of this again.  This is my second attempt at having a livejournal, so we'll see if I can keep up with it again.  I have returned based on a great little fanfic that I started to read based on one of my fave shows - Spooks (or, as its called here in the states, MI-5).  A fan from episode one, I am completely addicted!  I went through them all - Tom, Zoe, Danny, Fiona, Adam, Collin...and now we have Lucas.  Yes, Lucas.  The ever gorgeous Richard Armitage.  Problem is, we dont get this show here! So I have to watch on Youtube (at least until the remove the episodes) and wait for the dvd's to come out. I'm telling you, I hope they release the dvd's here soon! What ARE they waiting for?  In the meantime, I can wait to catch the final season of Robin Hood when BBCAmerica finally adds it to the schedule.  Yes,I have watched it, but there is an infinite difference between a four by four shot on a computer screen, while at work, and listening on one head phone.  Talk about a challenge!  Then having to pause when a call comes in...no, not fun at all and I get so easily distracted!!  But I have learned patience...I can wait...  PS: I know its not a great season, but I truly love a lot of the things they did with Sir Guy, especially the change in his relationship with Robin.  Personally, and I think I am not alone in this, I think that the writers didn't do the show justice with the ending.  They completely screwed the pooch. What WERE they thinking?  Geez!
Then, of course, moving on from Richard, ever so reluctantly, at least I will get to see John Barrowman in a couple weeks when they show Torchwood: Children of Earth here.   I find it quite interesting how we get to see this just a couple weeks after it airs in its home country, and have to wait months to a year for other shows... *rolls eyes*.  Anyway, I cant wait to see the Torchwood episodes.  Of course, I'm still at a loss for the deaths of Tosh and Owen...so sad...
Oh yes, and then there is Doctor Who!  Being very new to the world of DW, I am completely entranced by David Tennant portraying the 10th Doctor.  I have seen others...I seem to recall catching a bit here and there back in the 80's, but I sure couldn't tell you which Doctor it was.  I just remember it being a bit...ok, now dont hate me, but...the best word that comes to mind is...cheesy.  Sorry.  Thats how I felt.  Between that and Blakes 7 (which I actually watched more regulary) I wondered about the future of sci fi. lol  But I have not been in the least disappointed in Doctor Who as it runs now.  (ok, thats not entirely true. It took me all of 5 minutes to get over the loss of Christopher Eccleston... lol) David is BRILLIANT!  I'm so very glad that we've been able to get the specials for 'season5'.  Well, two, so far. 
What else...? I dunno.  I'm hopelessly addicted to BBC and just wish we had more programs to watch here. But, for now I think thats enough of my rambling.  I must locate that story and read a bit more whilst I wait for the phones to start ringing.
I don't suffer from my addictions, I enjoy every second of them!



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